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140 mins – (USA)


Army Green Beret Danny Patton is a modern-day warrior fighting battles that range from tribal Afghanistan to his own living room. As the corrosive gears of war begin to rip apart his family, his integrity, and his soul, Danny is thrust into his final, eternal mission. On the other side, with Valhalla beckoning, he discovers that combat can be fueled by vengeance or by love…it just depends which price you are willing to pay. You’ve heard the war stories of the ‘first in’. This is the untold true story of the last out.
Last Out was pulled from the experiences of the longest war in American history, a war mostly fought in the shadows. This is a stage presentation brought to film, with a small cast of combat veterans and military family members playing multiple roles.

All scenes take place somewhere in the afterlife, spanning different times from Danny’s youth and military career from May 1989 until his death in 2015.

Director: Ame Livingston
Writer/Producer: Scott Mann
Producers: Monty Mann, Adam Faldetta
Cast: Scott Mann, Ame Livingston, Bryan Bachman



Ame Livingston, a long term member of The Actors Equity Association, holds a BFA from SUNY Fredonia. In 1998, she moved to Florida to sing for Walt Disney World, where she continues to perform today. Ame has performed in countless plays, films, video games, voice-overs, commercials, and TV shows – everything from classical tragedy to comedy improv. In recent years, Ame has broadened her entertainment interests to include directing, producing, and script development—notably in multiple productions at the Orlando International Fringe Festival and Mad Cow Theatre—and she shares her passion for performance as a presentation and speech mentor, with an emphasis on Mindfulness Breath coaching. She first entered the world of Last Out as an actor; however, her contribution grew with the project’s potential, and she eventually became a collaborator in script development and the show’s director.


76 mins – (Australia)


“A cross between Jacob’s Ladder and The Shining” – A Viewer

Inspired by true events, SUNRAY is a about LAISE FLANNAGAN (Flan), portrayed by Tom Caine, an Australian Army officer, who has been deeply affected by an incident while serving overseas. What was supposed to be a routine patrol in a village, ended up being an horrific, seemingly never ending nightmare. Flan lost his good friend, ANDY (Marcus Molyneux) in a firefight that also led to the death of a number of local children. Not only does Flan blame himself for this, he has also been called a murderer by his wife, CATHY (Emily Riley), which was a far greater wound than the injuries he sustained in battle. Flan cannot reconcile this, despite Cathy’s attempts to make amends.

Away on a holiday (in an apparently haunted hotel) to try to reconnect with Cathy, nothing seems to be going well and Flan continues to splinter psychologically, being tormented by ghosts of the past as he wrestles with those of the present.

SUNRAY is an Australian Army radio callsign, which refers to a unit commander.

Writer/Director/Producer: Natalie Spence
Cast: Tom Caine, Emily H. Riley, Marcus Molyneux


Natalie Spence is an independent filmmaker based in Melbourne, Australia. She has written, produced and directed a handful of films, gaining some recognition:-

• kiss 20/20
Official Selection Melbourne Underground Film Festival 2016

• crazy
Semi-Finalist Sydney Indie Film Festival 2017

• frock
o Official Selection and Merit Award Canada Short Film Festival 2018
o Monthly Finalist Changing Face International Film Festival 2018
o Official Selection, Electric Shorts 2018

Currently entered in film festivals, however has been awarded 11 laurels to date.

Natalie also directed Always, which was in Perth International Queer Film Festival 2017 Official Selection, winning the People’s Choice Award, and Amsterdam New Renaissance Film Festival Official Selection 2017.

SUNRAY – awarded 6 laurels to date – is her first feature effort (written, directed and produced).

Natalie’s prior professional background is in community work. She holds a Bachelor of Community Welfare, majoring in International Social Development. Before Natalie could run off to be an aid worker in war torn countries (the original dream), she stumbled into film while completing her student placement in Indonesia. Like many other creatives, Natalie has a non-film day job (for which she is very grateful).

For almost 15 years (give or take), Natalie was an Australian Army Reserve soldier, Transport Corps.


73 mins – (USA)


Consisting of mixed media and interviews conducted primarily over the phone, “The Death of Melvin” is a story of war, family, Judaism, and the many ways in which death may affect those still living.



19 mins – (Canada)


‘In war, not all wounds are visible’
A tired young combat engineer tries to manage his growing stress and anxiety during one last clearance task.

Writer/Director: Ben Crossman
Writer/Producer: Danny Crossman
Cast: Tyler Pope, Sephira Bukasa, Jacob Perkins



Ben Crossman is a young high school filmmaker and writer with a passion for military narratives exploring fear and courage. ‘Breaking Point’ is his sixth short film since 2018 as writer and his first project as Director.


6 mins – (USA)


Fishing on Highland Lake has always been a joy for “GRAMPS”, a classic “Boomer”. His granddaughter TOBY (9) pays a visit this weekend to his lakeside cabin in the woods. With no television and just a cell phone for gaming and social media, Toby reluctantly agrees to spend a day fishing with Gramps; a first-ever fishing event for Toby.
A beautiful, colorful fall day as Gramps rows, SWEET MELISSA, his trusty old row boat to various fishing spots on the lake. It isn’t a productive day. No fish landings. None the less, Toby has learned, quite readily, how to cast a crank bait accurately.
BUT, fishless, not even a bite, Toby is frustrated and resorts to her cell phone to manage the boredom.
The day on the lake is abound with various animal activity sightings. Gramps ensures that Toby witnesses and takes note of all: A blue heron hunting, Canadian geese in flight, cormorants staging, muskrats playing, a bear cub swimming, a large curious snapping turtle and finally a swooping eagle. Toby feigns lack of interest as the day fades.
Her crank bait rests on the surface fifteen feet from the boat just to the left of a sunken tree stump. Suddenly, Toby’s crank bait disappears. Her line goes taut and her rod bends almost in half. The reel’s drag screams as Toby is lifted from her seat.
Toby holds on for all she’s worth. Gramps hugs Toby at the waist preventing her from going overboard. A huge largemouth bass leaps skyward and submerges again. A second magnificent leap and the crank bait ejects from the fish’s mouth. Gone.
A quiet disappointment reigns and continues during the silent row back to the cabin.
Gramps secures Sweet Melissa to the dock. Meekly, Toby suggests a second day of fishing. Gramps agrees as they walk to shore.

Director/Producer: Bill Thibeault
Writer: Ronald Pergola
Cast: Ashlyn Hyde, Bill Thibeault


Bill Thibeault is a life long singer/songwriter/musician, and now, first time film maker, from Norwich, CT. He’s also a Vietnam Veteran and survivor of the worst naval disaster of the Vietnam War. He lost 74 of his shipmates on June 3, 1969 when his ship USS Frank E. Evans collided with the Australian aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne . Even though they were in the Vietnam War, the 74 names are not on the Vietnam Wall because the collision happened outside the combat zone. In 2018 Congress passed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to get the names on the wall but it did not pass in the Senate.
Hearing this news frustrated Bill and being a singer/songwriter, he wrote a song in July 2018 called “Recognition” about the Evans and the lost 74. It was released it on an album of the same name in January, 2019.
In January of 2021 at the age of 71, Bill decided to do something new and bought a camera. He started learning about film making and just finished his first short film called “I’m Phil”. His goal is to produce a feature film about the sinking of his ship, the USS Frank E. Evans and the loss of his 74 shipmates.


6 mins – (USA)


Navy reservists at Naval Base Great Lakes are hiding once again from their Platoon Commander and drill weekend responsibilities when a new platoon member shacks up their lackadaisical routine.

Directors/Producers: Jonah Saesan, Jeremy Stark
Writers/Producers: Kasey Hiatt, LanDis Frederick
Cast: Jonah Saesan, Alyssa Thordarson, Julien Theo


Jonah Saesan:
From Waukegan IL, Jonah started acting in school plays and making movies with neighborhood friends in the fifth grade. After high school he served 10 years in the United States Marine Corps earning the rank of Staff Sergeant. He became a Marine instructor of marksmanship and water survival, but whenever possible he continued to work in theatre and television. After his military service was complete, Jonah trained as an actor and graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Parkside. Continuing his education, he completed The Second City Training Center Conservatory and Writing programs. Jonah’s work in the commercial, film, and television industries has allowed him to promote products and satisfy clients such as Kohl’s, Meijer, and BMO Harris. Beyond his principal roles for regional and national commercials, Jonah has starred in, directed, and written for films that have screened across the country and internationally. He has been featured several times with The Onion Network. Additionally, Jonah is honored to work with The Second City Training Center. He not only teaches improv classes in several of the historic theatre’s training programs, but also developed the Improv for Veterans program. Improv for Veterans offers free workshops and discounted classes designed for veterans in both Chicago and LA. He also can’t shut up about the time he spent stationed in Hawaii, misses it dearly, but considers Chicago a close second.

Jeremy Stark:
Jeremy grew up in southern Indiana. In one of his 7th grade classes, they were told to make a business card of what they wanted to be and he thought, “I like TV and movies – I guess I should be a cameraman!” After graduating from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Television, he then moved to Chicago to pursue that goal. He’s worked on productions of all sizes and scopes, and has shot and directed several award winning projects. He most recently directed a Chicago regional Super Bowl commercial, which he’s currently still not allowed to talk about.


12 mins – (USA)


An elderly widower and widow kindle a new beginning.

Phil and Margaret mid-seventy seniors, live in a small suburban community. Oddly, they have never met or conversed. Both live alone, recently “spouseless”. Phil is a bit more gregarious than Margaret. She is always pleasant but normally reserved. Phil has a son who lives on the West Coast. Occasionally, they correspond. Margaret, sorrowfully, has no children.
Phil volunteers as a server at a local homeless shelter on weekends. Monday through Friday he works the register and stocks shelves at the town Food Mart. Since his wife passed away, he isn’t sleeping well and can be caught napping, dozing off at the local cinema. He spends much of his free time feeding pigeons and squirrels in the park.
Margaret has always been an avid reader. During the days of the week she works at the Municipal Library. Very often, on sunny days and in the midst of a good novel, she’ll walk to the park and get further immersed in her reading. Margaret, not surprisingly, loves children and animals. She has been known to spend time checking out the new admissions at the Pet Shop.
Phil and Margaret keep busy deflecting their loneliness. They truly miss their partners.
On several chance occasions, Phil spies Margaret. He finally, musters enough courage to initiate action. The question for both: After many years of successful, loving partnerships can they move on?

Director/Producer: Bill Thibeault
Writer: Ronald Pergola
Cast: Bill Thibeault, Marianne Thibeault



Bill Thibeault is a lifelong singer/songwriter/musician, and now, first time filmmaker, from Norwich, CT. He’s also a Vietnam Veteran and survivor of the worst naval disaster of the Vietnam War. He lost 74 of his shipmates on June 3, 1969 when his ship USS Frank E. Evans collided with the Australian aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne . Even though they were in the Vietnam War, the 74 names are not on the Vietnam Wall because the collision happened outside the combat zone. In 2018 Congress passed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to get the names on the wall but it did not pass in the Senate.
Hearing this news frustrated Bill and being a singer/songwriter, he wrote a song in July 2018 called “Recognition” about the Evans and the lost 74. It was released it on an album of the same name in January, 2019.
In January of 2021 at the age of 71, Bill decided to do something new and bought a camera. He started learning about film making and just finished his first short film called “I’m Phil”. His goal is to produce a feature film about the sinking of his ship, the USS Frank E. Evans and the loss of his 74 shipmates.


5 mins – (Spain)


An Ukranian boy who doesn’t agree with Stalin politics, in the 40s decides to join in the German army. He writes a letter to his wife explaining his experiences. This shortfilm is english subtitled and russian version is coming soon.

Writer/Director: Albert Pueyo
Cast: Eva Milara, Pablo del Barrio, David Rosales


(Barcelona, 1971) Attending in CECC in Barcelona and for almost 30 years making documentaries and short films and accumulating failures and anonymity.



23 mins – (Colombia)


The North Korean invasion of South Korea created two lives and one war in oblivion.
Teresita and Marcos Fidel lived the pain of a war that was foreign, unknown and perhaps not so well rewarded. A promise of love and the desire to escape from a wretched reality that takes place in Colombia in the 1950s, while on the other side of the world, between South Korea and North Korea, there’s a devastating civil war and the beginning of the cold war between the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R.

After the invasion of Seoul, capital of South Korea, a great ally of the United States of America, the two peninsular countries fall in desperation, decide to resort to the United Nations and make an emergency call to other countries. Colombia sends a battalion consisting of 5.204 men, the Colombian battalion, with Gustavo Rojas Pinilla as one of the commanders, who would afterwards become the next president and one of the founders of the anti-guerrillas military school.

Marcos Fidel, filled up with courage, sails from Cartagena to the Korean peninsula. The young man, impulsive as he was, would rather die in a real war rather than being killed from the back. He wants to avoid at all costs that dirty battle in the Eastern Plains, “La Violencia”. He is also persuaded by an appealing monetary offer, his pension, bestowed by the three governments involved.
Marcos Fidel reminisces the Colombian battalion, whose bravery, determination and courage help them counteract the enemy’s attacks, recuperate Seoul, sign an armistice with North Korea, which today is still prevailing between these two antagonistic countries.

Meanwhile in Colombia, Teresa awaits her eternal love. The photographs she receives daily keep her heart alive and full of hope.

Marcos Fidel comes back triumphantly, not only with a service medal upon an international war from the United Nations, but also with his head held high, willing to get his life that was once forsaken in Colombia.

Marcos Fidel is now 88 years old, with a numerous family and driving around with his bicycle the quiet streets that skirt the majestic Sinú river, in San Pelayo, Córdoba. As he gets back home, he fixes a coffee with aguapanela, sits on his rocking chair and starts reminiscing, with his melodious voice, the memories of the war in Korea while oblivion whispers and the Colombian battalion lies forgotten in the cruel pass of time.

Writer/Director/Producer: Nicolás Gutiérrez López
Writer: Ronald Pergola
Cast: Marcos Fidel Espitia, Teresa Pereira De Lizarazo, Jaime Lizarazo Pinzón



A war with oblivion is Nicolás Gutiérrez‘ first project. Nicolás studied business in order to get the necessary basis to be a producer while I was experimenting and learning cinema trough movies, master classes and working with the cinematographer of the documentary on his personal projects.

“The main reason to make this documentary was to preserve the memory of a group of brave people that our society forgot over time, the Colombian Korean war veterans started a new war when they came back home, they started a war with oblivion, through the film we make a stand and fight against it.

Rather than making a documentary of the Korean War, our documentary is more about the Colombians that went to the Korean War, and what the war left to them and their families.”


17 mins – (USA)


During the Covid lockdowns, a young Republican and an old Democrat talk over Zoom about the sad state of America as the Trump presidency draws to a close. By the time they finally meet in person, they have become friends.

Writer/Director/Producer: Marc Bowen Kornblatt
Cast: Todd Haskell, Marc Bowen Kornblatt


Born in Edison, NJ, Marc Kornblatt started out as an actor in New York City after college. He turned to playwriting, earned an MA in journalism, wrote for magazines and newspapers, published children’s books, married, moved to the Midwest, became a father and then returned to college in his mid 40’s to earn an education degree.

Teaching at an elementary school with a large underprivileged population, he began making music videos with students. That led to short narratives, documentaries and the founding of his independent film company Refuge Films. He has since produced more than 200 short films, four feature-length documentaries — STREET PULSE, DOSTOEVSKY BEHIND BARS, WHAT I DID IN FIFTH GRADE and IN SEARCH OF AMERICA and the award-winning web series, MINUTEMAN.

In 2019, he moved with his wife to Tel Aviv, where he has continued writing for children and has produced the web series ROCK REGGA, THE NARROW BRIDGE PROJECT, and BLUE & RED, together with documentaries filmed in East and West Jerusalem, and the disputed territory around Bethlehem.

“The seeds for this project were planted in 2015 as I traveled around the United States during the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election interviewing people from all walks of life about the issues of the day. Audiences who saw IN SEARCH OF AMERICA, the full-length documentary that emerged from my journey, appreciated its even-handedness. More than a few of them encouraged me to do a follow-up as the 2020 election approached.
The shorter documentary I produced, WHERE ARE WE NOW WISCONSIN?, focused only on Trump supporters from my home state of Wisconsin, as I already knew pretty much what Democrats like me thought and wanted to venture beyond my comfort zone. During the filming of that second documentary, I met Todd Haskell, a young man in northern Wisconsin who had twice voted for Barack Obama and then went with Donald Trump.
A veteran of the Afghanistan War who suffered from post traumatic stress, Todd gave the most compelling interview I heard. He didn’t make it into the film, but we stayed in touch. Thanks to the wonders of Zoom we kept talking, even after I moved out of the country.
As the 2020 election heated up, I hatched an idea to produce a web series in which Todd and I discussed the hot-button issues roiling America. While our project, BLUE & RED, RESPECTFUL ENCOUNTERS OF THE POLITICAL KIND, was making its way on the festival circuit, I got the chance to visit my former home town of Madison, Wisconsin. Todd traveled down from the north woods to spend the morning with me. Our reunion proved to be a pleasure for both of us.
I did not bring along my film equipment, but I did have my smartphone, so I recorded our encounter, which opens and closes FACE TO FACE. Sandwiched in between is what made our award-winning web series a success. A celebration of civil discourse, FACE TO FACE offers cinematic proof that two people standing on opposite sides of the political divide can be friends.”

DAY 333

19 mins – (USA)


Experience the Vietnam War from those who fought in Tay Nihn in 1969. This film tracks several soldiers and their repetitive actions in Vietnam, all the while wishing to go home. On day 333 of his one year tour in Vietnam, the narrator gets to go home after being blown up by a booby trap.

Writer/Director/Producer: Matthew Wilcox
Producer: John E Banet




26 mins – (UK)


This short documentary sees World War Two veteran Jack Mann tell his inspiring tale for the very first time in front of a camera.
A true story of a free-spirited Jewish boy’s journey to manhood, Jack fights to make his father proud. As part of the Special Forces, he knows only too well what will happen to him if he is captured behind enemy lines.

Director/Producer: Ross Pierson
Researcher/Producer: Helen Oakes



Ross is based in South Wales and takes inspiration from the unique Welsh landscape and its artistic heritage. Mann is Ross’s first directing credit, having trained at the National Film & TV School. He has already worked on a number of other high profile BBC, ITV, Netflix, HBO and Warner Brothers factual and drama productions in below the line roles. Credits include The Bay – ITV, Gentleman Jack – BBC, Grace – ITV, Bridgerton – Netflix and The Repair Shop – BBC.

As an Army veteran himself, Ross believes that it is important to preserve the stories from previous conflicts so that we can teach future generations about past sacrifices and experiences of war.

With your help, Jack’s unique story will have a platform to inspire, educate and move anyone who watches this short documentary.


13 mins – (USA)


A group of Veterans belonging to a Corvette Club participate every year in one of America largest Veteran parade held in Auburn, Washington to display their Vettes!

Writer/Director/Producer: Ronnie Adams


5 mins – (Spain)


An Ukranian boy who doesn’t agree with Stalin politics, in the 40s decides to join in the German army. He writes a letter to his wife explaining his experiences. This shortfilm is english subtitled and russian version is coming soon.

Director/Producer: Amanda Van Meter Burch
Cast: Shelby Fair, Sabina Reilly, Lauren Scotch


Amanda is a dance teacher & choreographer in the Central Florida area holding a Bachelor of Arts in Dance with a minor in Religion from the University of Florida. She began dancing at a young age studying ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, hip-hop, West African, ballroom, liturgical, salsa, & several other cultural genres. Studying under artists like DaVonne Miller allowed her the opportunity to step into many teaching & choreography positions, & provided a foundation for an ongoing career. Her formal training comes from DaVonne’s School of Ballet, Hillsborough Community College, University of South Florida, University of Florida, & many workshops, intensives, & master classes attended regularly including Lines Ballet Discovery Project, American Ballet Theatre, Florida Dance Education Organization, & Brandon Ballet. She has traveled nationally & internationally teaching at studios, conferences, & workshops.
Her heart is to create new & exciting pieces that connect with the viewer & are pleasing to God, the Creator. Her systematic & analytical mind ignited a passion for choreography early on in her career & composition continues to be an emphasized area of focus.
She founded Central Florida Choreographers Collaboration (CFCC) in 2019 out of a personal desire to see more resources for dance makers & a passion for collaborating with all kinds of artists from all walks of life. Since CFCC’s inception, she has directed the organization into the world of dance films, in addition to providing free classes & workshops to the dance community. CFCC Films, a subdivision of CFCC produced its first dance film in 2020 amidst a pandemic & released a second film in the fall of 2021.

“This project was so special. It had to be put together in a bit of a hurry in order to make the film release of Central Florida Choreographers Collaboration’s 2021 Dance Film. I reached out to a few lovely ladies with such beautiful spirits who would do justice such a sacred role in representing the families of those lost in service to our country.
Filmed at the Florida National Cemetery, we all felt the sacredness of the ground we were working on. I was truly humbled to watch the dancers take their role with the utmost care. Watching it in real time brought me to tears. I hope you will enjoy this tribute to the protectors of our country & their families.”



5 mins – (USA)


Recognition is a music video of the song “Recognition” which tells the story of the collision of the HMAS Melbourne and USS Frank E. Evans in the South China Sea, on June 3, 1969.

Writer/Director/Producer: Bill Thibeault




98 pages – (USA)


After the federal government passes a law to confiscate all military assault rifles in the United States, they create a task force to carry out these collections. In the onslaught of these interactions, a school shooting survivor refuses to accept the law citing if he had a gun, he could have stopped it.

Writer: Michael Dunker



Michael Dunker is a screenwriter living in Los Angeles, California.

Born outside Chicago, Illinois, Michael graduated from Sycamore High School in 1999 and enlisted in the United States Air Force as a radio communicator deploying twice to the Middle East. After receiving an honorable discharge in 2003, Michael graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in psychology in 2007.

Michael was a finalist at the New York Screenplay Competition, Scriptapalooza, Hollywood Screenplay Contest, Pasadena International Film Festival, Austin Screenplay Festival, World Series of Screenwriting, Creative World Awards, Glendale International Film Festival and the California Women’s Film Festival as well as a quarter-finalist at the Academy Nicholls Fellowship and the Universal Pictures Emerging Writers Fellowship.

He currently works in the film industry as a set photographer.

“I wrote this after my friends were at shot during the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas where 500+ people were wounded and 57 were killed.
As a United States veteran, this is unacceptable. 
If people are willing to die for their guns, this script is what it looks like. It’s an unapologetic tragedy.”


106 pages – (USA)


A US Marine recalls his mission to track a Somali Warlord, wherein he is confronted with love, loss and peril, in the most dangerous city in the world.

Writer: Eddie Thompkins III


Eddie Thompkins III grew up in Hyde Park, on the south side of Chicago, Illinois in the mid 1960s. In 2000 he retired from the United States Marine Corps and relocated to England. His father was the late Rev. Dr. Eddie Thompkins Jr, and his mother, Brenda, was an accountant for the city. Eddie has one son, Eddie IV, who enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. Eddie is an accomplished novelist having penned two No. 1 best sellers, The Seduction of Monet Dawson and its sequel The Crossover.

Eddie Thompkins (AKA E. Clay) enlisted in the US Marine Corps in August 1979 from Bellwood, Illinois. He graduated bootcamp in October 1979 from MCRD San Diego, After Thompkins’ first tour he was reassigned to Intelligence where he finished his 21 year career.

Thompkins retired as a Gunnery Sergeant (E7) having spent most of his time in the Pacific. Tour of duties included Okinawa, Japan, Subic Bay Philippines, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand and California. Combat tours included MAGTF 1-90 Coup Attempt in Philippines and Mogadishu, Somalia December 1992-March 1993 Operation Restore Hope. Bloodlines is based on his personal experience in Mogadishu.



41 pages – (USA)


An Air Force troop chronicles a myriad of real life incidents where common acts shaped his military career.

Writer: Phillip Hollins



Phil’s an Air Force vet, who has been writing for five years. He studied films at Arizona State University. M.A. as part of the Liberal Studies (emphasis on border migration, health & cultural identity). He has a B.S. in Social & Criminal Justice and second M.S. in Disaster Preparedness Leadership and attends table reads with like-minded writers.

An Air Force veteran shares a series of unclassified short stories that entails his entire military career which shows fate can happen before you know it.


43 pages – (USA)


An Air Force cop chronicles a series of real world debauch events involving military life in the 1990s as told through the eyes of three service members.

Writer: Phillip Hollins

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