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Armenia | 54 mins | [PG]

“Sweeping Yerevan” is a poetic observational portrait of Marina, a woman who travels 40 km every night to sweep the streets of Armenia’s capital, Yerevan, dodging cars and putting her life at risk, in order to provide for her blind husband, live-in mother-in-law, unemployed son, and two young children. By day, she mends clothes for clients and works as a janitor at the local music school to cover the remainder of her family’s expenses. With few options for her generation since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Marina nurtures education and musical skills in her children, hoping that they will have a different future from her own.


Director: Nairi Hakhverdi
Writer: Nairi Hakhverdi


Friday 10 June – 18.00

66 High Street Ramsgate CT11 9RS


Nairi Hakhverdi is a translator, writer, and filmmaker. She is best known for her literary translations of modern Armenian literature, however, since 2014, she has also written skits for theater and screenplays for film. Her first feature-length screenplay, The Driver, was selected to participate in EAVE on Demand, BOZAR, and the Berlinale Talents Project Market. She is currently working on her second feature-length screenplay, Elena Cake, and her second documentary, Three Months: Homeless in Armenia. Her first mid-length documentary, Sweeping Yerevan, was completed in 2020.

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