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Iran | 84 mins | [PG]

I feel like I have gone crazy..
All the CCTV cameras around that are controlling us give me a weird feeling …
I have gone too far with this issue that I sense there is someone behind each one of them ..
Someone is checking every move closely.

Writer / Director: MohamadReza Lotfi
Producer: Seyed Amir Seyedzadeh
Cast: Reza Behboodi, Soudabeh Beyzaei, Roghayeh Afshinpour


Friday 10 June – 10.00

66 High Street Ramsgate CT11 9RS


Mohammadreza Lotfi is a writer, director and film critic of Iran was born in 1981 in Tehran. He has B.A of film directing from “the faculty of art and architecture “ in Tehran.

Work experience:

He has directed over 8 short films, documentaries and telefilms. Some of them are as follows:
“ Half an hour later”
“ The story of Maryam’s disappearance”
“ The night will wash your eyes”
They have been in authentic Iranian and international film festivals.

He has worked as a critic of film and journalist since the year 2000. He has written reviews in over 50 newspapers and film periodicals and he has had different positions. He has worked as editor-in-chief, deputy editor-in-chief and critic.
He has written 2 novels called: “ villa number 12” and “ behind the alley of hell”. He has written over 1800 short stories in Iranian story periodicals since 2002.
He has written several screenplays for films and series in Iran.
He has worked as an assistant director in Iranian feature films from 2000 till 2010.
He has been a director in different film clubs in Iran.
He has been a member of jury for Hafez film festival in Iran since 2014.
He has been a member of jury for the nineth edition of cinema verite film festival.
He is a member of critics association of “ Cinema house” in Iran.
He is a member of Iranian journalists association in Iran.
He has been the winner of the best cinematic article in critics and journalists association for 4 times.
He teaches film directing and screenplay writing in film schools of Iran.

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