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The Wake of Light

Sunday 16 June – 10.00
The Granville Theatre, Victoria Parade, Ramsgate CT11 8DG
£ 5.00


The Wake of Light is a romantic drama about a young woman slowly losing hope while caring for her aging father and their broken down farm father. One day she meets a charismatic young man on a cross country road trip, who falls for her and asks her to come with him. Now she has an impossible choice to make.

“The Wake of Light is a film from the heart. Beautifully told and beautifully acted. A touching rite of passage.” Thom Noble-Academy and BAFTA Award-Winning Editor for Thelma and Louise

Director Biography: Renji Philip

Renji Philip grew up in Littleton, Colorado. He graduated from the University of Miami and studied acting at the Stella Adler Conservatory in New York for 2 years and with Howard Fine as a scholarship student in Los Angeles for 4 years. He’s written, directed and produced 5 short films and 2 features (including The Wake of Light). His work has been featured at the Palm Springs, Raindance-London, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Cinequest, Starz-Denver, Mill Valley, Bel Air and Clermont-Ferrand fil festivals. Renji is passionate about films that challenge stereotypes and often suggest connections between chance, destiny and coincidence.

He feels compelled to make films that endorse gender equality, including writing female lead parts that make empowered, sometimes atypical character choices.

Director Statement

My love for nature began fly fishing the evergreen valleys of the Colorado Rockies as a child. I wandered riverbanks for hours. My mind coasted into realms where earthly problems didn’t exist. The only thing that existed was the light, the water, the sound and that magical moment to take it all in. There was something special about that light, something bigger, more mysterious.

The Wake of Light began as short film I wrote and directed in 2008 called Milkshake, about a pretty young woman working at a truck-stop diner who befriends a lonely older man. I felt there was something interesting about a pretty young woman who decides to stay in a truck-stop town. There was a quiet pathos to it.

Milkshake premiered at The Palm Springs Film Festival and had a positive audience reaction. It featured the two actors I would later work with in The Wake of Light, Rome Brooks and William Morton.

During a summer vacation to a tiny mountain town in Colorado called Carbondale, my wife and I were having breakfast a little diner and I started taking in the life around me. Little Mom and Pop stores, people walking to the hardware shop, the pharmacy, the farmer’s market, greeting each other. There was something so simple, yet so strangely poetic about it all. There was an elusive depth to the simplicity of life in Carbondale. That hooked me.

When I returned to Los Angeles I set out to expand the Milkshake script into a feature-length screenplay. Eight weeks later had a finished script. It flowed like a river. As I was writing I realized everything about making the film had to be different. It had to be shot differently. We had to avoid “perfect” studio lighting. No big crew. No trailers, walkie-talkies or fancy nonsense. No distractions. Everything about the film had to feel intimate, personal and poetic. I wanted the same simple and beautiful light that filled my soul as a child to be the center-post of the film: from locations, to pacing, to the time of day we would shoot (quickly shifting according to light), to the selection of cast and crew, composition of music, building of sound…and the title.

The Wake of Light shoot lasted 18 days, in 15 locations, with 99% of the film shot using only natural light.

We set out to capture the beauty and mystery of something that is hard to define but known when felt. I hope we have been successful and look forward to sharing The Wake of Light with audiences that have also felt a deep connection to the elusively poetic world around them.

YEAR: 2018


  • Writer / Director / Producer: Renji Philip
  • Cast: Matt Bush, Rome Brooks, Rainer Lipski
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