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Ahmad Maryam

Sunday 16 June – 16.30
The Falstaff Ramsgate, 6-18 Addington St, Ramsgate CT11 9JJ
£ 5.00


The film, Ahmad and Maryam depict a forbidden love story between a young Syrian Muslim man, Ahmad and a young Syrian Christian woman, Maryam. A story about the power of love and the price lovers can be prepared to pay to be together. Ahmad, the main character escapes not only the war in his country but also the impossible situation he and Maryam are in through their love for each other since they can’t be together in a society where the culture and the people around them don’t accept their union. They get married in secret in Damascus shortly before his escape and they carry the secret in their hearts. He flees to Sweden where he will start a new life and prepare everything so that his loved one can come and meet up with him later.
We follow Ahmad during his time in Sweden through his mobile phone and all the action is shown in his screen with a creative narrative and the dialogue Ahmad has with Maryam and the loved ones he left behind take place in his phone from Ahmad’s point of view.
We also see flashbacks from moments he filmed with his love Maryam since he documents and shares all his life on the phone and communicate with Maryam, his friends and family on Facebook, Messenger, Viber and Whats App.
The film is an inner and outer journey that describes the hardships and challenges a refugee encounter and experience in a new country and also the pain that he feels when he’s far away from those close to his heart. Ahmad is tormented by guilt when he thinks about them being in the hell of war while he’s in safety, an almost unbearable pain for him to carry.

Director Biography: Saleh Jamal Eddin

Film director 26 years old, born in Syria, currently living and working in and from Sweden. 9 years experience with TV and Drama – series both in Syria and Egypt. Ahmad and Maryam is his first feature film.

Director Statement

I am myself a refugee who escaped the war in my country. As Ahmad the main character I am daily connected through my mobile phone with my family and friends who are still captured in the prison of a war that seems to have no end.
With this film I also wanted to share the story of many couples from countries in conflict today who have the same experience as Ahmad and Maryam trying to keep in touch through the screen while being in diaspora around the world.

YEAR: 2018
RUNNING TIME: 110 mins


  • Writer / Director / Producer: Saleh Jamal Eddin
  • Cast: Ahmad Alharfi, Hoda Alhallak , Rajaa Lakmshha
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