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I’d Like To Be Alone Now

Sunday 16 June – 15.00
The Granville Theatre, Victoria Parade, Ramsgate CT11 8DG
£ 5.00


In the face of death, we all come to question our own path. ‘I’d Like to Be Alone Now’ is an ensemble drama that takes place in one location – the house of a mourning widower and father. When Kyle loses his wife and three children to a car accident his entire family comes to help him mourn but instead they all turn inward to examine their own lives. Desperate for some private time for introspection, Kyle decides to nail himself into his room with some scrap wood. His brothers, friends, parents and even housekeeper are left to tend to him while they try to put the pieces of their own broken lives back together.

Featuring some of the best performances of their career, Jack McGee (The Fighter), Samm Levine (Freaks and Geeks, Inglorious Basterds), David Fynn (Leap Year, Undateable), Vanessa Lengies (Stick It, Glee), Mindy Sterling (Austin Powers), Spencer Grammer (Greek), Chris Masterson (Malcolm in the Middle), and Maria Conchita Alonso (The Running Man) star in an ensemble drama filmed show in 7 days in a series of extended Steadicam shots.

Director Biography: Jon Dabach

Entertainment started early for Jon Dabach. At 13 Jon became a member of the magic castle junior program in Hollywood and started performing there soon after. As one of the youngest performing magicians to ever be on the magic castle stage, Jon learned a lot about entertainment from his hundreds of performances over the years and even served on the board of the junior program for a number of years after graduating the program at 21. His passion for performing led him to stand-up comedy and eventually writing where he found his true calling.

After attending UCLA film school, Jon was fortunate enough to find representation within days after graduating and started pitching around town. Realizing that people in Hollywood don’t actually enjoy reading scripts, Jon taught himself how to animate and penetrated through studio walls with 3-minute animation sample reels. After successfully selling pilots to Mtv, G4tv and VH1, Jon got bit by the paternal bug and wanted to start a family. He quickly found employment in the marketing world and got married soon after. It was only a year before the itch to return to Hollywood came back and Jon started working on his way back into the creative world.

He found work writing for independent films quite quickly and soon found a producing partner and director for a feature he had written loosely based on his life as a young married artist struggling to make ends meet called MARRIED YOUNG. Learning that kids and locations are often the hardest things to come by for an independent film, Jon decided that his next film would be more contained and after moving into a new house with his wife and kids, he quickly started writing a story for his new free location.

Jon’s directorial debut, I’D LIKE TO BE ALONE NOW, features a star-studded cast of veteran actors giving some of the best performances of their career. Picked up by Gravitas Ventures, I’d Like to be Alone Now started Jon on his path of becoming an actor’s director where performance and character are key.

Jon’s latest film is one he wrote with the intention of giving an opportunity to several director friends to be part of a larger project. IMMORTAL is an anthology film comprised of four short stories about people who discover they cannot die. Each chapter of the film is helmed by a different director which not only allowed for a collaborative set where first-time directors would get a taste of the feature film world, but also allowed Jon to see how different directors interpret his writing while still under the same subject matter.

Jon currently lives with his wife and four children in the L.A. Valley and is in development of his next feature in the thriller/horror world where he has found great liberty as an artist both as a writer and director.

YEAR: 2017
RUNNING TIME: 107 mins


  • Writer / Director / Producer: Jon Dabach
  • Producer: Rob Margolies
  • Cast: Maria Conchita Alonso, David Fynn, Vanessa Lengies, Chris Masterson
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