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Box for Life

Friday 14 June – 12.00
The Granville Theatre, Victoria Parade, Ramsgate CT11 8DG
£ 5.00

Three officers walk into the barrack: “Which one of you can box?” Sally and Sam immediately raises their hands. And me, a 16-year-old boy without a clue about boxing, also raise my hand; to this day I’m not sure why. One of the officers: “Tomorrow you’ll be taken for tests; you’d better not being lying!”
On the next morning, they took us to a different barrack. Stepping inside, we found ourselves in a hall full of perfect boxing practice gear: a boxing ring, sand bags and practice balls hanging from springs. A dozen men was practicing there; jumping rope, punching the bags and the balls. This seemingly normal scene would have appeared quite ordinary – except that these barracks were located in the Auschwitz Death Camp; the officers were S.S. members; and the three of us – Jews, having arrived from Belgium on last night’s transport.

This is the story of Noah Klieger, who was a French Jewish teenager during WWII.
He smuggled Jewish children from Belgium to Switzerland. He was captured by the Germans and was sent to the Auschwitz death camp. When he arrived at the camp, he claimed himself as a boxer which saved his life.
Noah returns for the first time to the places that marked his life before immigrating to Israel as a crew member on board the famous boat “Exodus – 1947”.
He was the last remnant of the boxing team of Auschwitz death camp, the oldest active journalist in the world, A crew member of the “Exodus – 1947”. He lay on the beach in Dunkirk when hundreds of thousands of British soldiers were evacuated to Britain.
Noah Klieger is an example of courage, optimism and resilience.
He is the Jewish “Forrest Gump”.

Director Biography: Uri Borreda

2000 – 2017, independent Director / producer of Documentary Films.
1986 – 2000 Head producer of production company “Negev Communications”, Produced and directed most of Negev Communications’ major films, including documentary films, television shows, previews, commercials, marketing and sales films, video clips.
Member of the: Israeli Directors Guild
Member of the: Israeli Academy of Film and Television.
Documentary Films:
“Box for Life”, For IBA Channel 1, (Director, writer, producer)
“The History of the land of Israel”, two episodes for channel1. (Director, writer, producer).
“Daring Star”, For IBA Israeli channel-1 (Producer)
“Exodus – The true story”(Exodus – 1947) Channel 1 Israel (Director, Writer)
“Born to Fly” The story of A Test Pilot Channel 1 Israel (Director, Writer)
“Chat & Punishment” for Israel Channel 1 in Israel (Director, Writer)
“Against All Odds” 13 parts Documentary series, for PBS, and TBN in the USA, – (Production Supervisor, and Assistant Director).
“Alone in the Sky” For Keshet Broadcasting, Channel 2 (Director, Writer)
“The Rubin Academy for Music and Dance”. (Producer)
“Suicide” Channel 2 Israel. (Producer)
“The Engineer From Dimona” Channel 2 Israel. (Producer)
“Horse Racing and Gambling in Israel”: Channel 2. (Producer)
“I Don’t Have Another Home “: Channel 2. (Producer)
“Underwater archeology in Israel”. (Director, Writer)
“Life Sentence” Shmaya Angel – King of the underworld. Channel 2 (Producer)

Television Programs:
Wandering Camera: 15 episodes. (Producer)
Abu Jamil: 12 episodes. (Producer)
Treasure of the Negev; 7 episodes broadcast live. (Producer)
Aerobic Fun: 20 episodes. (Producer)

YEAR: 2017


  • Writer / Director / Producer: Uri Borreda
  • Producer: Shem Shoenfeld


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