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Thursday 13 June – 17.00
The Falstaff Hotel Tamsgate, 16-18 Addington St, Ramsgate CT11 9JJ

Showcase of the best films make in Kent, in competition for the Best Local Film

Image by Lucy White – 11 mins
Katherine lives in her own head. Her life is simple and follows controlled routine, unchanged. Until now. Katherine begins to lose control of her ordered and isolated lifestyle and begins to make mistakes. Will she be able to regain control, or will this be her downfall?

Stranger by Sea by Şule Takmaz Nişancıoğlu – 12 mins
This documentary explores the relationship between writing and estrangement. It focuses on Şavkar Altınel, a poet and writer born in Istanbul, now resident in Ramsgate and at home nowhere, in a bid to understand his world and identify the thoughts and emotions that prompt him to write.

DiD by Jake-Sebastian Wynne – 15 mins
An abused young man suffering from D.I.D. (Dissociative Identity Disorder) climbs a mountain to scatter his mother’s ashes. However, three personalities manifesting within him have different recollections of the past, and attempt to sabotage his journey to the top.

The Last Party by Shannon Ward – 8 mins
James and Tess reluctantly return to the family home for Nana’s birthday party, as they drink to forget they start to remember the shocking event that kept them away.

Out To Sea by Heidi O’Loughlin – 5 mins
A young child desperate to be a pirate regularly wanders down to the beach, often by herself at her father’s annoyance.

The Restroom by John Otteson – 19 mins
When the complicated relationship between two lovers reaches boiling point in the public restroom of a lunch interview, their conversation may reveal some true colours and hidden secrets.

Dom & John by Ben Davies (Web Series) – 24 mins
“DOM AND JOHN” is a situation comedy following the lives and adventures of two twenty-somethings as they move to London to start new jobs. Dom and John’s very different worlds collide when they move into rented rooms in a large house in South East London. Dom is an unassuming, slightly reserved tennis coach from Cornwall and John is a talkative and accident-prone civil servant who has moved down from the midlands on a promotion.

Occupied by Bruce Partleton 13mins
Two German brothers in Nazi occupied Jersey are put to the test when the eldest’s affection for a
local English girl brings their relationship into conflict. But all is not what it seems as the girl’s
secrets lead everyone down a path to tragedy.

Flickering Lights by Joby Stephens – 9 mins
Developments in research, led by Stirling University, have led to a far greater understanding of Dementia and, in particular, the awareness of how best to alleviate it’s symptoms. Misunderstood by the general public and a growing concern for families worldwide. Flickering Lights is an insight into what dementia is, and how the right care can assist the condition. The truth about dementia care.

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