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Friday 23 June – 16.30

66 High Street Ramsgate CT11 9RS



“A Risky Business” is a powerful and unique piece of digital theatre produced by a group of actors with Learning Disabilities. The film explores the theme of life, love and the risky business of intimate relationships for adults with learning disabilities and or autism. The theatrical feast of acting, music, dance and storytelling is directed by Alex Hanley, filmed and edited by Arian Salih and devised and performed by actors from bemix’s performing arts project Risky Business.

Writer/Director/Producer: Alex Hanly
Writers: Sam Barnard, Matthew Stretton, Alison Hines, Leon Clarke, Leon Goldsack, Hannah Stafford, William Horn
Producers: Arian Salih, Sam Barnard, William Horn, Hannah Stafford, Matthew Stretton, Alison Hines, Leon Clarke, Leon Goldsack
Cast: Sam Barnard, Matthew Stretton, Matthew Stretton, Hannah Stafford, Leon Goldsack, Leon Clarke, Alison Hines, William Horn


Alex Hanly has been making and performing theatre as long as she can remember. She achieved a 1st Degree in Acting and Contemporary Theatre at East 15 Acting school. She went on to create, perform and direct theatre internationally as core member of; Waving not drowning, Admiration theatre and The Greek Theatre Lab. She is an affiliate of the Grotowski institute Poland and her work is heavily influenced by her study and work in the theatre techniques of Jerzy Grotowski as well as her years of practice and teaching of yoga. Focused on devising meaningful work, inspired by what is alive in the space, between actors and director, looking for honesty and play at its best. Her work seeks to reunite theatre and the arts with their roots in transformation and community healing. She is passionate about the power theatre holds for healing and changing outdated narratives within society.



11 year old Chatham schoolgirl Annabelle Sappor has designed a car with built in wind turbines which will help to charge the battery and extend its range before it needs recharging.

Writers/Directors/Producer:s Moira Rowan and Philip Carr
Cast: Anabelle Sappor


Who am I? After film school I worked as a freelance photographer for BBC Television for 15 years for their news and current affairs programmes: Nationwide, Panorama, BBC News, That’s Life amongst others, in studios and on location.
Over the past few years I have been making many short films of my own: documentaries, narrative and experimental with many thousands of views, shooting, editing and sometimes scripting too.




Moira is a freelance filmmaker, her main interest is in creating film’s that challenge perceptions and starts conversations. She is very interested in highlighting community projects and giving people a voice, through the powerful medium of film.



Writer/Director/Producer: Bea Belicza







Writer/Director/Producer: Joanne Postlewaite
Cast: Morrison Ford





Tony, an American living in London, newly murdered, doesn’t know how he was murdered, when or why, but ironically in death he has found the love of his life, Betty, who was murdered back in 1943. In order to “move on” he needs justice but that would mean leaving Betty behind. And how do-you tell a girl who died 80 years ago that you’re interested?

Writer/Director/Producer: David Ivell


David Ivell was born and raised surrounded by the beautiful Kent countryside, from which the beauty that surrounds him has always been an inspiration. From a young age, David was a natural storyteller with a vivid imagination. As he grew older and with a young family of his own, David’s passion for storytelling only intensified, and he became determined to find a new medium to tell his stories

David has had a number of high profile technology leadership roles and gained a reputation as a highly innovative leader in the industry, including a spell as Chief Technology Officer at the British Film Institute. Despite his success in the technology side of the film industry, David never lost sight of his true passion: storytelling. In his free time, he began studying screenwriting and film production with “Interview with a Ghost” being his first short film.
Over the past few years I have been making many short films of my own: documentaries, narrative and experimental with many thousands of views, shooting, editing and sometimes scripting too.



A young woman stuck in the perpetual cycle of life in today’s society, decides to stay in an old holiday park in New Romney and, on her mum’s old bike, travels across the marshy plains on the east Kent coast. She immerses herself in nature and history, reliving old memories and finding new places with mystery, meaning and hope. With the constant ticking of the clock, will the journey help her understand her past, present and future.

Writer/Director/Producer: James Pearce
Writer: James Bicker
Cast: Caroline Washington, Susanna Howard


“This has been a very personal project for me as this is dedicated to my daughter Sophie Pearce RIP

TIME – A young lady going back in time and reliving her past, struggling with the conception of live and time, past and present, and the future of co-existing in the world today.
So this is about making the most of whats precious in life.
And what we have around us in this world.
to me and others the greatest being Time.
My daughter Sophie is my true inspiration behind this and has showed me over the last few years that we are all on borrowed time.”

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