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A FLUORESCENT SKY (UK) – 92 mins [U]
by Harry Tomlin

In competition for the Brenda Blethyn Award and the Best Actress (Konstanza Firth-Radford)

A corner shop owner with great fear of the world confines his daughter to the shop. With the threat of a new ‘Hypermark’ opening, he battles for the store’s survival while his daughter longs for the world beyond.

BITTER TASTE OF GINGER  (USA) – 76 mins [15]
by Brandon C. Lay

In competition for Best Experimental Feature

Ginger, a recent widow, takes up autoerotic asphyxiation to work up the nerve to kill her abusive mother-in-law, Ginny.

BLONDE. PURPLE  (UK) – 120 mins [15]
by Marcus Flemmings

In competition for the Dominic Grant Anchor Award and Best Actor (Julian Moore-Cook)

In an non-descript US town, an out of his depth inexperienced criminal is stuck in a bank, after a heist went wrong. How will he get out?

COW BELLS  (Belgium) – 45 mins [12]
by Charles Habib-Drouot

In competition for the Brenda Blethyn Award

Miguel and Juliette, two lost artists, got selected by mistake for a summer residency in the French mountains. But they’re not made for life in the open air. They’ll have to face a hostile nature to create, as well as the owner of the residency, an exhausting start-uper.

CRUSHED WINGS  (UK) – 97 mins [15]
by Lalit Bhusal

In competition for the Brenda Blethyn Award, Best Director and Best Actress (Oznur Cifci)

Based on true-life events, this English spoken Drama Film boldly challenges dangerously prevalent and outdated ideas surrounding FGM, forced marriage. The story of brave Ria, an FGM survivor who tries to find strength through the impossible.

DEADLY NIGHTSHADE  (UK) – 90 mins [15]
by Ben Rider


Victoria and Marcus’ long weekend plans go awry when they are unable to leave an apartment in Brixton.

EXECUTION  (USA) – 45 mins [15]
by Stavit Allweis

In competition for Best Experimental Feature and Best Director

A renegade band of females stages an execution of rapists and killers in a classroom.

IFTAH  (Israel) – 42 mins [15]
by  Moti Rachamim

In competition for Best Actor (Zohar Sabag)

Iftah deals with the life of a gay man who tears his family apart due to his sexual orientation.

LAME  (Kenya) – 79 mins [U]
by Joan Rispa Kiragu

In competition for the Brenda Blethyn Award and for Best Actor (Octavious Onyango)

Tasha and Lame seem to be on opposing ends when it comes to their career ambitions despite having the same goals. Their fate seems intertwined as they constantly collide causing more harm to their professional lives. However, a romantic relationship brews between them forcing them to work together and re-discover themselves enabling them to conquer their professional dreams and find fulfilment.

LIMONADA (Dominican Republic) – 90 mins [15]
by Ethan Maniquis

In competition in the Best Experimental Feature

Two families attend a wedding at a resort in the Dominican Republic. When the guests drink magic lemonade the party descends into chaos as they enter a new dimension of fantasy, fears and desires.

59 mins [15]
by Eddie Baca and Perry Dell’Aquila

In competition for the Brenda Blethyn Award and Best Script

Gay sober military man meets Crimean Muslim taxi driver in NYC. A New York City gay romantic adventure. Takes you into different directions from a man attempting to figuring out who is he while having an affair with an openly aware person. Romance, drama, intrigue, betrayal.

NEW MATERIAL  (South Africa) – 101 mins [U]
by Craig Freimond

In competition for the Dominic Grant Anchor Award and Best Script

Cassim Caif (Riaad Moosa) is a young Muslim man living in Fordsburg, Johannesburg. He is balancing the demands of a new marriage, a young child, and living in a house with his aging parents.

NOVEMBER  (Brazil) –
90 mins [15]
by Railane Borges and Matías Palma

In competition for Best Actor (Sandro Araújo) and Best Director

Julio lives depressed until an unexpected encounter forces him to choose between drowning in past trauma or opening up to a new love.

100 mins [15]
by Vortre Williams

In competition for the Dominic Grant Anchor Award

Peter Thompson is a twenty seven yr old male who is struggling with addictions and personal demons. When he abruptly has to face some devastating news he is forced to change his life!

O ORVALHO E O RIO (Brazil) –
88 mins [15]
by Leonardo Pinheiro

In competition for the Brenda Blethyn Award

Marcelo returns to the place where he lived a year after the end of his relationship.

RESET (Iran) –
84 mins [PG]
by MohammadReza Lofti

In competition for the Dominic Grant Anchor Award and Best Actor (Reza Behboodi)

All the CCTV cameras around that are controlling us give me a weird feeling …

SHAPES  (UK) – 87 mins [12]
by Roberto Prestia

Out Of Competition

One flat, four young adults, the Universe on their laptops.
This experimental narrative feature film collects scenes and episodes from a deliriously obvious everyday life.

THANDO  (South Africa) –
97 mins [12A]
by Kagiso Modupe

In competition for Best Director

Narrative feature film told through the eyes of a troubled teenager who attempts suicide when dealing with the loss of her mother, colorism, gender-based violence becomes unbearable to her.

THE ART OF LOVE  (Switzerland) – 106 mins [15]
by Philippe Weibel

In competition for Best Actress (Alexandra Gilbreth), Best Script

Eva and Adam are assigned a new project at work. For it to work, they need to leave their comfort zones, confront their loneliness and examine what they really want.

THE MAKEOVER OF ASHTON CROYD (Germany) – 80 mins [U]
by Øystein Kloster

In competition for Best Experimental Feature

In this musical pseudo-documentary , the Berlin based photographer Lisa Jonrel (Anita Christa Kluge) follows the homeless street musician Ashton Croyd (Øystein Kloster) for 6 months.

87 mins [15]
by William J. Stribling

In competition for the Dominic Grant Anchor Award, and for Best Actor (Michael Tennant), Best Actress (Teya Patt), Best Director and Best Script

Two old friends. One big ask.

171 mins [15]
by Clive Michael Will

In competition for the Dominic Grant Anchor Award

A small town artist must fight his community as they clamber for a share of the fortune his creation promises to deliver.

VASYS’ ODYSSEY (Greece) – 105 mins [12]
by Vasileios Papatheocharis

In competition for the Brenda Blethyn Award

Two lives, two different worlds and two unalike places. Vasi and Alexandra, two strangers, travel from Alicante to Greece, through France, Italy and Albania, on a trip where they will learn to face their mistakes and delve into their personal and family relationships.

WOMAN IN CAR (Canada) –
109 mins [15]
by Vanya Rose

In competition for the Brenda Blethyn Award and for Best Actress (Hélène Joy)

When her stepson returns home with a beautiful stranger, a wealthy widow (Hélène Joy) develops an obsession with the young woman (Liane Balaban) whom she fears could destroy the privileged life she has built.

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