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Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is at the forefront of health concerns for combat veterans. It has taken various names over the years, from ‘shell-shock’ (World War I) to ‘battle fatigue’ (World II), ‘Viet-Nam syndrome’ (Viet-Nam war). Whichever the name, war-induced psychological injuries leave sequels often as traumatic as physical wounds. Chronic complications arise when left untreated and many veterans all over the world suffer from lack of access to mental health care, or inadequate, insufficient help. Suicide rate is at its ripest amongst military members 20% with latest figures showing almost 28 per 100,000 individuals in the US. Numbers in the UK also present higher rate than the non ex-servicemen/women population.

The Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival has therefore decided to launch an international competition, THE FIGHT BACK Awards, not only to celebrate the work that these men and women have created in their struggle to superate PTSD and other traumas, and re-integrate society, but also to encourage many more veterans to use filmmaking and all its disciplines, to help them find a focus in their life and find their demons. We hope that the event will also contribute to raising awareness on a section of the population often forgotten.

The FIGHT BACK AWARDS are open to ex-service men and women throughout the world. 

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