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The first Ramsgate International Film and TV Festival will be held in Ramsgate with its stunning Royal Harbour, unique in England. The organisation aims to become in time the largest multi-platform festival in East Kent.

There is also a variety of screenings throughout the year to bring international independent cinema to local audiences, together with a series of events involving the local community and an education programme for the youth.

The Festival focus is to show new works, help promote film makers but also bring a different screening experience and encourage the local audience to view and appreciate independent cinema .

Screenings are complemented by a strong line-up of quality events and seminars, with industry professionals of high reputation.

All screenings are chosen by  the Selection Committee, which is composed of a panel of industry professionals and local residents.

To add to the experience, festival goers will have the opportunity to explore the area rich in culture, maritime heritage and historic and modern architecture, and enjoy its waterside and cafés.


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