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EXTERNAL – In Conversation With Leandro And Jonathan Taub By Arzitta Nash

EXTERNAL – in conversation with Leandro and Jonathan Taub by Arzitta Nash

AN. Please tell us about the film in your own words.

LT: Externo is a movie that shows how Joseph can start an online business with $2,000, grow, grow, grow, grow in his monetary earnings and end up challenging entire industries and governments. It is an artistic cinematographic manual for the CEO of a special type of startup. 

AN. What inspired and motivated you to make this film?
LT: We wanted to do our first feature film as producers/directors, and this script was one in the right place at the right time. We thought it was a nice story to become a film.

AN. Tell us about the style of the film; the use of subtitles, symbolism, voice-over and the main protagonist and the inspiration behind this style and tone.

LT: We wanted to be creative and innovative with the storytelling and all the elements that make a movie, so we try to tell the story in a nonconventional and beautiful way. So the subtitles, symbolism, voice-over and the tone of the protagonist became tools to achieve this goal.

AN. What was the filming process like?

JT: Beautiful, challenging, dynamic. We were lucky to have a very talented crew that made it possible for it to happen. Challenges and adventures were part of it all and I think that transpired into the screen. I remember being completely burned out, with an aching mind and body. Bruised from who knows what, almost without voice thinking that finally, we are going to sleep and realizing this has been the first shooting day. We looked at each other, realized we have 2 hours to sleep and it would start all over again the next day. We were happy.

AN. Tell us about the filming location, and why you decided to use it.

JT: We had to change location till the last minute really. The format of the film was going to be with a completely different concept, and for some reason, things weren’t going as planned so we adapted and took it instead of as a challenge and a problem as a blessing. We rented a car, did scouting all over, looking for abandoned places that had a life of their own, we decided which one would work for each scene and that was it. A week later we were shooting.

AN. Leandro plays the protagonist, Joseph, and is also a co-director on the project. What can you tell us about this experience of working behind and in front of the camera and your professional relationship with Jonathan?

LT: To work with my brother Jonathan is wonderful. Our communication and trust for each other point of views helped this movie to be what it is.
Co-directing and acting was a good exercise. I had to be and to see, from outside and from inside, during the entire shooting. It was challenging, and thanks G’d it was possible too.

AN. What do you hope the audience takes away from watching your film?
JT: This is a work that came from our guts. That bleeds. We are just thankful and humbled that you have watched it and anything you take away from it is yours.
LT: Also we hope you want to see our next film!

AN. Tell us about your up-coming projects, what’s next for you both?

LT: More movies and more collaborations! We are working in new productions of our own and also collaborating with other filmmakers to help them make their films. We are here.

Jonathan Taub

Leandro Taub


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