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The Bridging The Borders Award Is Coming To Ramsgate

The Bridging the Borders Award is coming to Ramsgate

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The Bridging the Borders Award, sponsored by Geoenergetics were created 11 years ago by Filmmaker, Author and Editor in Chief of Cinema Without Borders, Bijan Tehrani. “The idea behind the Bridging The Borders Award, bridging and connecting the people of our world closer together, has made it a great success during its ten years of highlighting films in several local and international festivals.”

The Award is offered at prestigious film festivals such as Palm Spring International Film Festival in the US. We are proud to announce that CWB has chosen the Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival as the next festival they wish to partner with to present the Bridging the Borders Award in 2020. This is another major step for Ramsgate IFTVFest in its efforts to expand its reach beyond the white cliffs of Kent.

Films have been nominated or considered for an OSCAR or other major awards after winning Bridging The Borders Award. Darryl McDonald, Executive Director at the Palm Springs International Film Festival said: “The Award has produced a remarkable track record, encompassing films that have won a total of 79 awards at major international festivals and esteemed national or international film competitions (including five of those six films having been selected as their countries’ official submissions to the Academy Awards for the Best Foreign Language Film). The prestige of the award internationally has been growing in a way very much in keeping with that track record, as each subsequent year has produced a winner of this award that has gone on to receive broad-based acclaim and recognition from other events following its US premiere at the Palm Springs event.”

We are all the more honoured with this new collaboration that Ramsgate IFTVFest is the first non US film festival where the Bridging the Borders Award will be presented.

It also reaffirms our desire to champion talents who use the art of cinema to promote and bring challenging themes to light. Very exciting days ahead indeed!


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